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People's Cash Advance - FAQs

Have questions about cash advance and no fax cash advances? Below we have answered a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Question: Do I need good credit to be approved for a cash advance?
Answer: No, credit is not a factor when you apply for a cash advance. Absolutely no credit checks are done, so it doesn't matter what your credit score is.

Question: Can I get a cash advance for any purpose?
Answer: Yes, the cash you receive is yours to use as you please. We do encourage you to spend wisely. Cash advance loans must be paid back per the agreed upon terms.

Question: Is a cash advance loan the same as a payday loan?
Answer: Yes, in both cases these loans are meant to be short term loans until your next payday.

Question: What is the interest rate for a cash advance?
Answer: Because each state has laws regulating interest rates, it varies from state to state. Once you apply online, you will be contacted by a loan professional who can let you know the exact interest rate of your cash advance.

Question: How can I contact you for additional question?
Answer: If you have additional questions, please use the email address below to contact us.


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